Our Wine

How does Tenuta Arabona produce organic wines?

Tenuta Arabona is equipped with the latest technologies for winemaking, joining the ancient traditions, to maintain authentic “natural” flavors. Finished to built in 2006, our company is simple with essential features: the most modern technologies are used in accordance with traditions, hygiene and salubrity. The machines, the equipment, the containers are all made of stainless steel. We use a powerful refrigeration system to overcome chemicals treatments, both to control all processes of fermentation and refinement of wines.

We control, with the help of expert consultants, the entire process of transformation of the wines. The refinement of the wines takes place almost entirely in stainless steel and in bottles with short periods in wood barrels, only for structured red wines. We want to offer to our customers a product unique, original and full of tasteful aromas from our territory, not related to the most varied types of wood. All wines are certified from “organic farming”.

Maria Antonietta De Acetis