Organic Cooked Must


Cooked must is a typical product of the Abruzzo tradition.

It is obtained from our organic must of Montepulciano grapes, which is cooked for a few hours until its volume is reduced to one third.

Cooked must is an irreplaceable ingredient for the preparation of typical Abruzzo desserts and is also excellent on ice cream.

It can be used as a seasoning for first courses, red meats and cheese.

Mixing it with vinegar you will obtain a perfect salad dressing.

250 ml. Bottle

Product of Italy


Informazioni nutrizionali (valori medi per 100 g di prodotto)

  • Energia:     218 Kcal / 928Kj
  • Grassi: < 0,5 g, di   cui acidi   grassi   saturi: < 0.1 g
  • Carboidrati: 54 g , di cui zuccheri 51 g
  • Fibre alimentari: 1,2 g
  • Proteine: 0,9 g
  • Sale: < 0,01 g