Storìa – Traditional Abruzzo Product


Type: sweet cooked wine
Vine: Montepulciano 100 %
Vinification: fermentation at controlled temperature with addition of cooked must
Ageing: steel, wood, bottle
Colour: amber red tending towards orange
Scent: caramel and quince
Flavour: hot, morbid, rightly sweet
Alcoholic content: 14/15 % vol
Serving temperature: 18/20 °C
Best served with: almond sweets and desserts


The name “Storìa” means that the product is originated from the history. Indeed in the past usually in the farmhouses the father or the grandfather in the occasion of the birth of a child, especially of the eldest son, produced with the rst grape picking a particular wine, called “vino cotto”.

Then this wine was kept for years in small wooden barrels. It was opened to offer to guests at the First Communion and later for Wedding.
It accompanies deliciously Abruzzo‘s typical cookies, cakes with almonds or with dried pasta.