History & Enviroment

Part of the company was formerly owned Barons of Zambra, noble family from the city of Chieti. It extends on the pleasant and sunny hills of Santa Maria Arabona tract from the Pescara River towards the majestic mountain massif of the Majella and the namesake park. The landscape around Tenuta Arabona is beautiful, with hills shaped by time and human labor, old farmhouses made of stone, olive trees and the big massif of Majella. The soils with a good fertility, fresh and well-drained, totally exposed to the southeast, an excellent temperature range, from day to night, thanks to the air currents that move from the Adriatic Sea along the Pescara valley, to go back to the Majella mountain, give to our vineyards all the components to produce grapes and wines of undoubted excellence.

Chiesa Santa Maria Arabona manoppello

There are just few meters from the Abbey of St. Maria Arabona, built in 1197, the only memory of the works of the Cistercian monks in Abruzzo. In Manoppello (5 km) you can visit the shrine of the Holy Face, the destination of countless pilgrimages, where is kept a veil on which is imprinted on the face of Jesus Christ.